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We NHEEd to Get Outside, Again (and always)!

Since 2018 we've awarded $8,800 that enabled 3,737 students to get outside! This grant is provided to NH schools or 501(c)3 non-profit organizations to provide students hands-on, experiential, outdoor field trip/learning opportunities. These outdoor learning experiences can be to a variety of locations (e.g., nature center, museum, state park, conservation area, school yard) and must include an outdoor, experiential component. The outdoor learning experience does not have to be science focused; since environmental education is interdisciplinary by nature, we encourage experiences that engage the environment in creative ways through various subjects. Some weight is also given to applicants who plan in the "off season" (late fall, winter, and early spring), as this provides new and different outdoor experiences and supports environmental education centers around the state at a time when they have fewer visitors. The grant funds can be used to cover transportation costs and/or student entry or program fees when applicable. Anything that helps get students outdoors will be considered! We anticipate awarding grants in the range of $200-$500.

Applications are due in November to fund field trips taking place the following year. Awards will be announced in December. Grants are awarded in January. Please check back here or follow us on facebook for updates.

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Each year we receive more request than we can award which means there are children who are missing out on an opportunity to get outside. We need more sponsors to continue funding these opportunities. Please click here to contact NHEE if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have ideas about finding sponsors.

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Congratulations to the following 2021 grant recipients!

  • The Cornucopia Project will provide students in second grade through 12th grade with a hands-on organic-vegetable-farming experience on our student-led educational farm.
  • Deerfield Community School students will experience an onsite field trip in their outdoor class room from Audubon, Great Bay Science Center or On the Wing.
  • Jackson Grammar School students will stay dry while sitting outdoors and learning and expanding outdoor learning options in winter months because they will have insulated padding to be used as “cushions ” to sit on.
  • Gundalow Co. will use the funds to support students from Kittery Schools to attend the sailing classroom to learn about maritime history and the environment.
  • 7th & 8th graders from the Seacoast Charter School will experience outdoor learning activities (hiking, games ) STEM, history, art and writing, and their personal health goals for three days at Merrowvista.
  • Beaver Brook Association will soon have established outdoor learning areas with seating and gathering spots for teaching groups in the forests and fields.
  • The Newfound Lake Region Association is creating nature stations to engage children of all ages in the exploration of natural materials and their environment. It is free and designed to appeal to all ages. Each nature station event, includes individually packaged materials and directions to complete a craft or project involving exploration and observation of the environment.

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