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We NHEEd to Get Outside, Again (and always)!

Since 2018 we've awarded $55,180 that enabled 9,592 students to get outside! This grant is open to NH schools or 501(c)3 non-profit organizations to provide students hands-on, experiential, outdoor learning opportunities. These educational experiences can be to a variety of locations (e.g., nature center, museum, state park, conservation area, school grounds, among others) and must include an outdoor, experiential component. These outdoor experiences do not have to be science focused; since environmental education is interdisciplinary by nature, we encourage experiences that engage participants with the environment in creative ways through a range of subjects. We are especially interested in supporting experiences that involve observation and exploration directly “in” nature. Some weight is also given to applicants who plan in the "off season" (late fall, winter, and early spring), as this provides new and different outdoor experiences and supports environmental education centers around the state at a time when they have fewer visitors. The grant funds can be used to cover transportation costs, student entry fees, program fees, or the purchase of equipment for outdoor observation and exploration experiences. We anticipate awarding grants in the range of $200-$2000.

We will accept applications to fund outdoor learning experiences taking place in 2024 starting on September 15, 2023. The deadline to apply is November 20, 2023. Awards will be announced December 15, 2023. Grants are awarded in January. Please click here to apply and follow us on facebook for updates.

Each year we receive more request than we can award which means there are children who are missing out on an opportunity to get outside. We need more sponsors to continue funding these opportunities. Please click here to contact NHEE if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have ideas about finding sponsors.

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Congratulations to the following 2023 grant recipients!

  •  Newfound Lake Region Association will host 12 free monthly nature stations that engage students of all ages in learning about their environment and their ability to impact local ecosystems by providing an introduction to a specific topic and then a task and/or craft that asks participants to explore the Grey Rocks Conservation Area environment.
  • Mt. Pleasant School's fourth graders will go on a field trip to the Andres Institute of Art in Brookline, NH to hike and experience art outdoors. Along the trails, students will identify New Hampshire state symbols such as White Birch Trees, Pink Lady's Slippers, Red Spotted Newts, and more!
  • Mountain Village Charter School students will have meaningful winter outdoor field experiences in their school's outdoor learning area, in partnership with local environmental education organizations, with the purpose of deepening students' environmental literacy and strengthening their connections to their local community.
  • Rye Elementary School's newly created outdoor education program will be able to bring NH Audubon Naturalists Programs to their students.
  • Wheelock School's fourth graders will kick off their school year by hiking Pitcher Mountain as a community-building activity that also provides students with the opportunity to explore, adventure, and ignite lifelong excitement for the outdoors.
  • Ellis School's 7th & 8th graders will collect water quality data at their local river to determine if the trout that they raise through Trout in the Classroom should be released into the river.
  • Hillside School District will purchase winter outdoor gear that will remain at school for those who do not have the proper attire to participate in monthly programs provided by the Squam Lakes Natural Science where students explore outside.
  • Nashua Police Athletic League (PAL)'s Youth Safe Haven Afterschool/Summer with Beaver Brook Association program will get 2nd-11th graders outside exploring the multitude of trails and the immense ecology system at Beaver Brook. These programs provide PAL youth with important life skills, help them feel comfortable in nature, and ensure they understand their role in advocating for the environment.
  • Taproot Farm & Environmental Education Center will take the students from Heartwood Public Charter School along with their teachers on weekly field trips to explore their 268-acre Windhover campus in Jefferson for 18 weeks where they will engage with the natural landscape while learning and practicing wilderness skills such as fire and shelter building, cooking over the fire, and whittling.
  • The Learning Center at Concord Hospital will purchase materials like nature journals, binoculars, bug catchers, and magnifying glasses to enhance their outdoor explorations.
  • Spark Academy's 9th graders will learn about lake and forest ecosystems through hands-on scientific investigations where they collect & interpret data.
  • Tin Mountain Conservation Center will lead the Jackson Grammar School's 5th & 6th graders on a three-day canoe/camping trip. This cross-curricular outdoor experience will give students the opportunity to connect significant national and state historical events to their backyard (including the Indigenous Cultures of NH and the Weeks Act of 1911).
  • White Pine Programs Naturalist-Educators will offer 8 outdoor sessions for Seabrook K-2 and 5-8 teachers and students. During these workshops, students carefully observe and identify plants, birds, insects, and animals. Teachers are provided ongoing mentoring to help them implement environmental education lessons on their own.

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