Hubbard Brook Research Foundation Position Announcement

Young Voices of Science Curriculum Specialist
Hubbard Brook Research Foundation (HBRF)
Status: Part-time, hourly
Salary: $19 to $24 per hour, based on experience.
Location: Remote, online ~2 days per week , flexible work hours throughout the week
Regular Schedule: ~16 hours per week, Monday – Friday. August to December 2024 (with possibility for additional follow up work after the designated time frame)
Reports To: YVoS Manager with support from the YVoS Specialist and Executive Director

This is a terrific opportunity for an experienced curriculum/education professional, with strong environmental values and a keen interest in science communication, to assist HBRF in developing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of a curriculum for the Young Voices of Science (YVoS) science communication training program. The ultimate goal of the Curriculum Specialist is to develop a curriculum for HBRF to use in order to franchise the YVoS program to organizations, institutions and research sites interested in offering this training to their students,
employees and others interested in building science communication skills.

Company Description
The Hubbard Brook Research Foundation (HBRF) works to support the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study in Woodstock, NH. For more than 60 years at the 7,800-acre Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, long-term studies of air, water, soils, plants, and animals have revealed the causes and consequences of acid rain; the effects of lead, salt, and nitrogen pollution in streams and lakes; the environmental drivers affecting migratory songbirds; and the impacts of climate change on our ecology, economy, and culture.

Established in 1993, HBRF provides logistical support to scientists and connects the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study with diverse stakeholder groups across and beyond the northern forest region. HBRF initiatives include guided forest tours for school groups, media outreach, community relations, collaborations with forest practitioners and other partners, communications training for young scientists, dialogue events, and policy- relevant briefings and bulletins.

Against a backdrop of rapid environmental change, HBRF opens effective channels for action-oriented dialogue between citizens and scientists for informed policy and practice.

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Program Description
The Young Voices of Science (YVoS) program is a free, privately-funded science communication training program designed to prepare and empower science scholars to share their knowledge, concerns, and hopes for the future with the wider world. We provide participants with tools, techniques, and practice opportunities for public engagement, early in their scientific careers. The YVoS program was envisioned and launched by HBRF in 2020. Now in its fourth year, YVoS continues to thrive and is among HBRF’s signature initiatives. To date, the YVoS
program has served 180 students from 90 unique academic institutions in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Scotland, Ecuador, China, Taiwan and New Zealand.

The YVoS program consists of a series of eight online workshops led by expert presenters, social/networking events, and the creation of outreach projects in a span of 3 months. Workshop leaders are experts in public engagement with science, creative writing, storytelling, and science-to-policy outreach. Class size is limited to 25-30 participants, and we ask that participants commit to designing and implementing at least one outreach activity, with one-on-one support from the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, in order to put their new science
communication skills to the test in the real world.

The goals of the YVoS program are to train young scientists and environmentalists to become effective science communicators, build confidence in communicating science and inspire students to continue to communicate their science through their education, careers and beyond.

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Position Description
This is a part-time, remote role for a Curriculum Specialist with the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation. The Curriculum Specialist will be responsible for leading the development of a curriculum package for one of HBRF’s signature programs, Young Voices of Science. They will embed themselves within the YVoS team in order to develop a curriculum package for the program. This curriculum package will be used by HBRF to franchise the YVoS program to other environmental organizations, academic institutions, and research sites, in order to increase
science communication training opportunities for young environmental students/early-career scientists.

Goals include: 1) developing a comprehensive curriculum for the Young Voices of Science Program, 2) packaging the curriculum to be used in a YVoS franchise, in order to implement the program at other participating sites and 3) assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum through a pilot program at one participating site.

The YVoS Curriculum Specialist will:

• Partner with the YVoS team to develop, implement and evaluate a curriculum package for the Young Voices of Science Program that aligns with the mission of HBRF in general and the goals of the YVoS team in particular

• Sit in on, and when appropriate, participate in YVoS team meetings, workshops, social events and any other YVoS related meetings, activities,and programs to obtain a good sense of the program framework and goals

• Incorporate existing YVoS procedures, resources and files, and package all these necessary materials as part of the curriculum package for eventual use by participating franchise sites.

• Regularly consult with HBRF and YVoS staff to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of the team and the end-goal of franchising this program to other research sites.

• Assess and evaluate the effectiveness and quality of the curriculum package during and after the program is implemented at a single participating franchise pilot-test site

• Work with the YVoS team to revise the curriculum based on any feedback from participating sites or other objective observers.

• Evaluate the final curriculum package for any gaps in information, resources or any other additional program needs.

• A final product will consist of: 1) A detailed curriculum report, with written step by step instructions for how to run your own science communication training program from start to finish, covering everything from applications and workshops, to social events and outreach projects, and beyond 2) Detailed digital modules, created in Canva or similar platform, to be used alongside the detailed curriculum report, that outline the specific sections of the program, providing guidance, examples, videos and resources for each particular section 3) A promotional video and presentation that showcases the YVoS program and can be used as marketing material for sharing information about the franchise possibilities for parties interested in participating.

Essential Qualifications

• Bachelor's degree in education, curriculum development, science communications or a related field
• One or more years of education experience including curriculum development and/or education consulting
• Ability to distill and translate existing program materials and frameworks into a comprehensive package
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Experience with developing and implementing successful curricula or programs
• Experience organizing and packaging program information and materials
• Strong interpersonal skills; self-starter; flexible problem-solver
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail; ability to multi-task as part of a fast-paced team
• Strong appreciation of HBRF’s mission and goals
• Highly proficient with design programs, including Canva, Adobe or similar
• Highly proficient with computer applications, including Microsoft Office Suite and Google Workspace and more

Preferred Skills and Experience

• Appreciation for environmental science and conservation, and especially science communication
• Good communication and collaboration skills to in order to work with and support an existing team
• Previous experience working for a non-profit organization with a scientific or environmental mission a big plus

This part time, temporary position is not eligible for employee benefits from HBRF.

HBRF is an equal opportunity employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

To Apply
Submit your resume and cover letter to Brendan Leonardi:
Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.