Curriculum Development Request for Proposals - Solid Waste Curriculum for New Hampshire Elementary and Middle Schools


Curriculum Development Request for Proposals
Solid Waste Curriculum for New Hampshire Elementary and Middle Schools

Collaborative Solid Waste Strategies (CSWS) is seeking proposals from experienced curriculum developers to provide evidence-based, researched, and reviewed curricular and instructional materials for 8-12 weeks designed to
• educate elementary and middle school students about solid waste in general and in New Hampshire in particular, and
• encourage students to reduce the amount of solid waste they generate at home and at school.

The resulting curriculum shall conform to the Next Generation Science Standards and include New Hampshire-specific information and New Hampshire-appropriate activities.

The need
In 1996 the New Hampshire General Court endorsed a hierarchy of waste management methods, with source reduction as the most preferred method and landfilling as the least preferred. Nearly 30 years later, little has changed – in 2021 95% of the mixed solid waste generated in New Hampshire was disposed in landfills. Moving from the current to the desired condition will require behavior changes by New Hampshire citizens of all ages as well as action by state and municipal governments. Education will play a critical role in inspiring these behavior changes.

Organizations and individuals are both eligible to apply. Proposals should demonstrate similar types of past curriculum development and outreach efforts. Previous work that emphasizes environmental education is strongly recommended.

Period of Performance
This project is anticipated to begin by February 5. A second phase (to be contracted separately) will include 3-4 teacher workshops based on the curriculum and held in several geographic areas of the State.

Scope of Work

Desired Tasks

1. Review existing solid waste curricula, including but not necessarily limited to the links provided below.

2. Select, adapt, and/or develop lesson plans and ancillary materials suitable for target grade levels including but not limited to the following topics:

  • What is trash?
  • Where does our trash go? (Landfills, Incinerators/Trash to Energy, Recycling facilities)
  • How does it get there? ( Curbside pickup, Citizen delivery to transfer station)
  • How are different materials recycled?
  • Managing food waste (What happens to food waste in a landfill? What are the alternatives to sending food waste to a landfill? How does composting work?)
  • The plastics problem (Why are plastics harmful to the environment? How many kinds of plastics are there? Can plastics really be recycled? What alternatives exist for single use plastics? What are the most important uses of plastics?)
  • How can we work together to reduce waste?

3. Work with CSWS staff to develop New Hampshire-specific information for inclusion in lessons.

4. Prepare curriculum package to share with teachers and make available on CSWS website.

Links to existing solid waste curriculum materials:

Project Deliverables

Curriculum package including but not limited to the following:

  • Learning objectives
  • Lesson plans
  • Fact sheets
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Discussion questions
  •  Worksheets
  • Group activities
  • Individual activities
  • List of materials
  • Games
  • Teaching tools
  • List of resources

How to apply:
Submit a proposal package that includes the below elements to Carol Foss, Executive Director, at by COB on Friday, December 15, 2023.
• Cover letter
• Current resume
• Examples of two lessons you have prepared, including learning objectives, instructional information, activities, discussion questions, resources
• Detailed timeline for completion
• Itemized budget
• Contact information for three references

Review process
All proposals will be reviewed and scored by CSWS staff and an advisory team of experienced educators. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:
• Quality of proposal materials
• Experience
• Realistic and competitive budget
• Realistic and efficient timeline
• Input from references

About Collaborative Solid Waste Strategies
Collaborative Solid Waste Strategies is a New Hampshire-based 501(c)3 organization dedicated to improving solid waste management through education and advocacy. 

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Collaborative Solid Waste Strategies