August 7th-11th Summer Institute in Albany, NH Empowering energy and climate changemakers through play, hope, and wonder

If you are a teacher, or work with teachers, please consider attending and/or spreading the word about NHEEP and VEEP's Summer Institute in Albany, NH at the World Fellowship this August (7-11th)! Our theme: Jumping from Joy to Action: Empowering energy and climate changemakers through play, hope, and wonder.

Our VEEP/NHEEP Summer Institute offers time and space to learn, plan and connect with other phenomenal educators in a beautiful place ( flyer- we would really appreciate your help to print and post it somewhere, such as teachers rooms, mailing lists, or give it to your friendly neighborhood professional development coordinator ;). We're really excited to be working to help teachers take action on climate change with their students, hopefully from a solutions-based perspective and place of joy, and we also have an incredible slate of guest presenters, as well:

Jamie Henn (How do you tell your climate story to amplify your impact?) 

WMSI (What is play and how can it contribute to meaningful learning?)

Youth Climate Fellows (How do we focus on solutions that matter and motivate youth?)

WaYS- Wabanaki Youth in Science Program- (Who and what is in our community, how are we connected, and what can we learn from our fellow beings about climate solutions and resilience)?


Aubrey Nelson, Energy Educator & Action Project Advisor