Customized Professional Learning Services from Wade Institute for Science Education


Is your school or school district transitioning to implementation of more inquiry-based and phenomena-based STEM instruction? The Wade Institute for Science Education’s interactive science professional learning programs provide resources for educators to engage the curiosity and wonder of students by bringing inquiry and phenomena based teaching strategies into their current teaching practices! The Wade Institute for Science Education is a Massachusetts Professional Development Point provider, an OpenSciEd Certified Professional Learning Provider, and included in the Rivet Education Professional Learning Partner Guide.


Our Customized Professional Learning Services:

  • align science curriculum with the MA STE Framework and NGSS

  • model the use of the Science and Engineering Practices for instruction and assessment

  • provide scientific content relevant to the Disciplinary Core Ideas

  • apply inquiry-based science instruction strategies

  • develop skills to create story line and phenomena-based units and investigations

  • foster teachers’ use of inquiry-based, hands-on instruction

  • include science content as well as pedagogy

  • support school-based initiatives to strengthen science instruction and assessment

  • provide strategies for creating an inclusive and equitable science learning environment

  • can provide support for implementing OpenSciEd materials in the classroom


We can tailor professional learning sessions to meet the current needs and goals of your school or school district. Visit for more information and contact us to schedule professional learning that will immerse your science educators in hands-on, minds-on, inquiry-based learning! 


Learn more about some of our successes: Wade Institute Recognized as a High Quality Professional Learning Provider