Spinner Wheel: Free Customizable Online Tool

Spinner Wheel is a free online tool that allows for a flexible and engaging approach to learning. It has many use-cases for any subject.

All entries on wheels are fully editable and one of the main things that makes it so useful and unique is the ability to create multiple wheels for use at one time.

Example uses of Spinner Wheel for:

- Mathematics: https://spinnerwheel.com/mental-mathematics-quiz
- Creative writing: https://spinnerwheel.com/short-burst-writing-ideas-generator
- Learning English: https://spinnerwheel.com/english-lesson-my-job (>6,600 combinations)
- Learning French (or any language): https://spinnerwheel.com/random-french-sentences

From creating multiple random number generators to equitably selecting students from a group, the possibilities for using this resource in a learning environment are practically endless.