Climate Science and the Arts Workshop - February 16, 2022

student artwork about climate change

Climate Science and the Arts: Using Creative Communication to Teach Climate Issues

Join us for the fifth workshop in our NHEE Winter Learning Series!

Since 2011, the Ocean Awareness Contest has provided youth with a platform to creatively explore and communicate the connections between human activities and the health of our blue planet. Through visual and performing arts, creative writing, poetry, film, and multimedia, students learn about conservation topics and communicate what they discover to a public audience.

The 2022 Contest theme, THE FUNNY THING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE, challenges students to think of new, or unconventional methods to think about and communicate about the climate crises. Humor and satire capture attention and provide a safe way for people to approach and understand divisive topics like climate change.

We will present Bow Seat’s Ocean Awareness Contest as an effective tool to teach youth about the ocean; apply classroom learning to real-world problems; and build research, critical thinking, and communication skills.


  • I will share information about the Ocean Awareness Contest including: context about the theme, submission requirements, and student impacts.
  • We will use Visual Thinking Strategies to examine and discuss student environmental art. 
  • I will share Bow Seat’s Resources Studio which features articles, videos, and other resources for learning about the environmental crisis, honing creative skills, and inspiring new ideas.

When: Wednesday, February 16, 2022, 3:30-4:30 PM

Where: Virtual (You will receive the link after registering)

Who: Educators (all grade levels, formal or informal)

Cost: $10.00 for NHEE Members; $20 Non-members

Don't let the registration fee stop you from attending, details can be found on the registration page.

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Presenter Bio: Eric Carstens is the Program Manager at Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs. With a background in biology, marine science, and museum education, Bow Seat provides the perfect opportunity to merge his love of the ocean with creative communication and artistic creation.

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