A Mountain Classroom Activities to Get Students Learning Outside!

Below are a few activities to help teachers engage students outside:

  • Nature Detective Activity – this activity guides students in an investigation of a disturbance in an ecosystem where they live
  • Creative Map Making activity – students use their creativity to make a map from their imagination and reflect on the purpose and components of maps
  • Natural Smellies Activity – this activity guides students through exploring an ecosystem with their nose
  • Meet a Tree – in this environmental education classic, students use their sense of touch to learn about trees
  • Life Under Logs activity- this activity leads students in an investigation of a log, leaf pile, or other decomposing area outside in order to explore and reflect on the role of decomposers in an ecosystem.
  • Food Build Do Waste activity- this activity, adapted from the BEETLES curriculum, guides students as they map out the transfer of energy and cycling of matter through an ecosystem using one organism as an example.
  • Lastly, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department has developed their first Climate Change webpage to educate the general public. Check out the resources it offers at: https://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/climate/index.html

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