Notes from the April 9th Zoom Conversation: Connecting Teachers & Environmental Educators

Bringing EE Online

Thank you to everyone who joined the New Hampshire Environmental Educator’s first Zoom Conversation, “Bringing EE Online: Connecting Teachers and Environmental Educators,” on 4/9/20. Just in case you missed the meeting you can still read the notes and check out some of the great resources that were shared.

 Click here to see the meeting notes.

Links to several resources are included in the notes. Be sure to check out the North American Association for Environmental Education’s (NAAEE) COVID-19 resource page: This site is continually updated. As your state professional development organization for Environmental Education, NHEE is an affiliate of NAAEE and we encourage you to connect with this national network. Joining NAAEE’s online community, eePro (, is free and open to all. It is a wealth of resources!


We will host another Zoom Conversation in a couple of weeks. So check back here for information or follow our facebook page.



Let's bring environmental education online! Classroom teachers and nonformal environmental educators across New Hampshire are navigating the world of online learning. Many of our nonformal environmental education providers are delivering programs and content online. All of our classroom teachers are working to provide meaningful experiences for their students during this challenging time. 

Let's come together for a Zoom conversation to discuss ways we can help each other. Bring your successes, challenges, and solutions. Come with ideas of ways to bring Environmental Education online. Let's connect and support each other!