Make sure YOUR ORGANIZATION is included in the National EE Organizational & Resources Directory!

lots of words explaining projectNHEE would like to invite you to participate in an exciting project we are launching in partnership with EcoRise, the North American Association for Environmental Education, and other NAAEE affiliates across the US. We’re teaming up to conduct a comprehensive landscape analysis of environmental education. To help us complete this analysis, we invite you to participate in Gen:Thrive, a collaborative initiative organized and led by EcoRise.

EcoRise has begun to compile a directory, dashboards, and other tools that will help school districts and community leaders advance K-12 environmental education programs across the United States. So far, EcoRise has completed initial data collection from 30 states. We need your help to add New Hampshire to the map!

Ready to join? You can share your organization and program information here:  

Codes have been emailed to most organizations offering environmental education resources, programs, awards, workshops, contests, etc. so be sure to check your email to get your code. Click here to see if your organization is on our list. If you don't see an email from or are not on our list, please reach out and we will get you a code.