Carol Foord

Tin Mountain Conservation Center

It would be a pleasure to hear Carol tell her story herself. This knack for storytelling is what makes Carol such a special educator. Her ability to captivate an audience allows them to take in the full experience, almost seeing it as if they were there.

Carol has been a part of the Tin Mountain team since 1990. At the age of 50 she went back to school and earned a graduate degree in Environmental Studies and a Master’s of Science in Teaching at Antioch University. A nominee for Carol, Corrie Blodgett, recalls many examples of her brilliant stories about the Legend of Chocorua, handmade board games combining history, problem solving, and environmental issues. Carol’s research in history astonishes many on her walks through historic places in the Mountain Washington Valley.

The vast collection of materials that Carol uses to teach about everything from geology to photosynthesis is shared amongst the staff and Tin Mountain. A great teacher and also a mentor to others, Carol embodies the sense of nature to the point where you might feel as though you “met mother nature herself” according to Corrie Blodgett.