Stacey Egan and Emily Wrubel

Great Brook School and South Meadow School

Stacey Egan and Emily Wruble were recognized jointly for their collaborative partnership with their students at two different middle schools.

Since 2008, Stacey Egan and Emily Wruble have been participating with their 8th grade students in the Harris Center facilitated Otter Brook Farm Project. This project brings together two middle schools from the same school district to work with naturalists and ecologists at the farm. Students collect data, analyze the data, and draw conclusions throughout the school year. In June the two schools meet at Otter Brook Farm to participate in a service project, and then share and discuss their year-long studies.

This project brings students together, through the context of field ecology, who will be attending the same school as ninth graders.


Stacey and Emily, through this project, build a bridge between the two schools, linking their students as partners, collaborators, and scientists.