Wendy Schorr

Amoskeag Fishways

The Environmental Educator of the Year award in the Non-formal category is being given to Wendy Schorr.

Wendy worked in the Manchester City Schools teaching deaf students for 16 years before she began working for the Amoskeag Fishways in 1998.  Since then she has personally reached nearly 35,000 children through school programs, fish tours and public events.

As an educator, Wendy has written and taught curriculum relating to fish, watersheds, urban wildlife and other conservation topics.  She has coordinated the Adopt a Salmon program, providing teachers with instruction and students with an understanding of the life cycle of an anadromous fish and the importance of stewardship of resources.  Her indoor classes are usually filled with live animals and natural objects.  When outdoors she encourages all ages to discover and explore.  She will even go into a stream in February in search of macro-invertebrates.  Her compassion for animals is illustrated by her enthusiasm for Lamprey Appreciation Day and her role as the wrangler of the Fishway’s resident rattlesnake.  Puppets and games made by Wendy help children engage in learning in creative ways.  She captivates with a quiet approach that allows students to discover their own mysteries and answers, and serves as a stellar role model for learning to love and care for the earth.

When it comes to environmental stewardship, Wendy is a living example of the principles she teaches. She and her husband live in a solar powered home, built from wood off their land.  They raise much of their own food in organic gardens and orchards.  Wendy has served on the Deerfield Conservation Commission and various town committees related to environmental issues.

Several of us have had the pleasure of serving on the NHEE board with Wendy.  She also served as co-chair of the Program Committee when NH hosted the extremely successful 2008 NEEEA Conference. 

In each of these roles Wendy has brought an incredible attention to detail, creativity, and an appreciation of team work. To quote from her nomination form, “She is a quiet leader and mentor, is modest, self effacing, talented, and treasured”.  We are so privileged to offer this award to Wendy Schorr.