Middle School Science Leave Position, Beech Hill School

Position Available: Long-Term Substitute, Science Teacher
Term: Approximately January 2018 through June 2018

Position Description: The Beech Hill School announces a search for a long-term substitute science teacher. At a minimum, the preferred candidate will be required to:

  • Teach 1 section of 7th grade life science, and 2 sections of 8th grade physical science
  • Co-teach 6th grade skills class
  • Co-advise 6th grade students
  • Collaborate with other faculty members

Additionally, the preferred candidate can:

  • Lead or administer the outdoor program
  • Communicate clearly with parents and students
  • Drive students
  • Manage field trips
  • Train with current science teacher before her leave

The preferred candidate will possess:

  • A degree in education, curriculum, and/or a science-related content area
  • Middle school teaching experience or interest
  • Understanding and appreciation of the middle school student’s cognitive and social development
  • A desire to collaborate and work across content areas

Terms: Full-Time, Temporary

Application Process:
Submit an electronic copy of the following to: jobs@thebeechhillschool.org

  1. Letter indicating interest
  2. Resume/CV