NextGen Science on the Summit

Mount Washington Observatory is offering a 2-day professional development workshop for K-12 teachers on the Next Generation Science Standards in Weather and Climate.

Drawing on the experience of staff meteorologists and educators from the Observatory, teachers will come away with creative ideas for impactful learning in the classroom. 

Day 1 will focus on the basics of weather and climate at the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway village. Day 2 will be a field trip to the summit of Mt. Washington to gain hands-on experience in data collection, forecasting, and mountain ecology. 

Course Objectives

  • Basic Meteorology
  • Mount Washington Observatory history
  • Introduction to weather observations
  • Perform weather observations on the summit 
  • Summit weather station tour
  • Develop ideas for classroom lessons that meet NextGen science standards

Date:  July 27-28, 2017 -  9AM to 5PM

Cost: $350 / $329 for 2+ teachers from the same district 
or Observatory members